The real foreword

Let us put cultural relativism to the test! 

What would Jesus have done, if he were a bit more like like Muhammad, the prophet Islam? How would the gospels have looked like then? If we accept that the basic tenets of Christianity and Islam are truly the same, their founders must have lived comparable lives and have given comparable examples to follow. The truth is quite different, however.

As you read this satirical text, you might ask: “if this would have been the original Gospel, would I still be okay with Christianity?” If the answer is no, please draw your own conclusions.

This is in no way meant to be an exhaustive catalogue of the differences between two faiths, rather a playful and satirical attempt to compare them through a ”merger” of the lives of their main characters. 

I hope you will find the end result entertaining and instructive, if somewhat distasteful. Maybe this format will be more palatable for some people than the available scientific literature about this subject.

For a more in-depth analysis and religious comparison, I highly recommend “Not peace but a sword” by Robert Spencer and the formidable website “”. You’ll find a lot of information on the website “Political Islam” and in the books by Raymond Ibrahim (see: further reading). 

For more background information click here.

Note on references: Throughout the text, whenever an important alteration to the original gospel has been made, you will find a reference number leading to a quote (Quran, Hadith, …) that can be found on the page “Islamic Sources” (see top menu).