All religions are the same! Saying otherwise makes you a bigot.

And you don’t want to be a bigot, right?

So stop thinking and accept the new truth:

Islam = Christianity
Fourteen centuries of war = Peace
Religious hate = Love
Closing your eyes = Seeing the truth

As for the gospels, they need a serious overhaul to make them more “multicultural”. Forget all you thought to know about the life of Jesus. You are now holding the new and corrected version of the Christian Bible, ready for an exciting 21st century! It’s even better than the previous falsification update.

Children everywhere are being taught the updated message of Christ! (Source: Sharia protests by Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East).

Not only is this book now finally compliant with all forms of progressive and islamic ideology, you’ll find that it lacks all the dull parts of the original and was enriched with some saucy and thrilling new stories! I hope this Updated Gospel will inspire you to lead a better life.

PS: click here for the real foreword