Chapter 3 : The sermon on the mount

Based on The sermon of the mount, by Bloch

(Matthew 4: 23,25, Matthew 5:1-12:)

Jesus continued his travels throughout Galilee. Large crowds follow him from Galilee, Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea, and the region beyond Jordan.

When Jesus saw the crowds he went up the mountain. He sat down and his disciples joined him. He started to teach them, saying:

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Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was murdered in the streets of Amsterdam for insulting the Updated Gospel (2014). A message of oecomenical love was pinned to his chest (!) with a knife. Theo’s  last words were “can’t we talk about it?”.  Apparently not. (Note: At the funeral of this victim of Jihad, his friend and comedian Hans Teeuwen made fun of Islam and he was asked to explain himself in a Dutch-Muslim tv show. The result was an inspiring  defense of freedom of speech.)

“Blessed are those who are kind to their fellow believers, for they will be given the world; but remember not to become friendly with the Jews and other infidels 68.

Blessed are those who are hungry and thirsty for righteousness to fight the holy war for their religion, for God will elevate their position in Paradise by a hundred fold: this deed  is surely among the best43.

Blessed are those who are merciful amongst themselves, but who are ruthless to the unbelievers67.

Blessed are those who make peace if it is necessary to prevent greater loss, because they will be called children of God, and it will allow us to fight another day16.

Blessed are those who’ve been persecuted who persecute and murder the blasphemers, for God is on their side. If you think I like satire, think again! 28

Celebrate and be happy for your compensation in heaven will be great, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. And if you sacrifice your life in the holy struggle there will be beautiful women awaiting you in paradise to please you in many ways.119



The sermon on the mount is one of the best known teachings of Jesus and considered to contain the core ideologies of Christianity. Some of the values herein are in direct opposition to the ones we find in the Quran and the collections of Hadiths.