Chapter 8 : Thou shalt lie

Based on “Christus Pantocrator”, Cathedral of Cefalu, Palermo

(Matthew 19:17 – 19)

And Jesus continued his instruction of the believer.

“You should not commit perjury. Unless of course, your lies will end the strife between two persons, like a husband and a wife.24,26

But an onlooker asked: “And what if the infidels threaten us, o Lord, and we dare not say we are your followers?”

And Jesus said: “That is another exception. If you can avoid harm by it, act as if you are a friend of the infidels16. God will forgive your lie. Know that your time for revenge will come, and be patient.”

And then Jesus called his closest disciples to him and with hushed voice he said:

“Also, you can lie to infidels all you want if it is necessary to win battles, of course. We’re not here to lose this holy war because of honesty. Ambush them, deceive them, break your oaths… do whatever it takes. Pacts with unbelievers have no value. God will forgive all your lies in the fight against the infidels.17


We continue with the topic of “lying”. Being truthful is one of those classic Christian values. Islamic law on the other hand has an entire classification system to determine when it’s allowed to tell a lie. The best known form is Taqiyya, which roughly means deception to further the cause of Islam (e.g. betraying unbelievers to win a battle, hiding your religion to prevent persecution).

Imam Fawas Damra (seen here hugging a Catholic bishop) was knwon as a moderate cleric, teaching about interfaith dialogue at Cleveland State University. Meanwhile, he was secretly preaching Jihad and raising money for terrorists. He was finally extradited 165 from the US in 2007. This is not an isolated case.

Other examples of permitted lying are “white lies” to make peace between a man and his wife (I wonder if good relationships promoted by lying are truly a good idea in the long term, but that’s another topic). If a religion officially sanctions lying to infidels, we can ask ourselves why anyone would believe muslim clerics who say they have peaceful intentions. Sometimes, lying isn’t even necessary: establishment politicians and media outlets go to extreme lenghts to hide all inconvenient truths about the Islamic texts (and even censor critics).166