Chapter 11 : Let the children come to me


If the Updated Jesus did it, it can’t be bad right? (from: national geographic documentary on child brides)

(Matthew 19:1 -14)

The people brought little children to him so he could bless them and pray for them, but the disciples told the people off.

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me—don’t stop them. The kingdom of heaven belongs to them! We will send them to religious schools to instill in them a lust for the Holy War! But not the girls of course, because they lack intelligence.139

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In Updated Bible Schools 168 throughout the world, children are schooled in love and tolerance. 

He then placed his hands on them to bless them, and chose the prettiest girl of them all and he asked the girl’s father:

How old is she? You should know that I desire her greatly.”

And the father responded that the child was nine years old, and that he was honored that the son of God wanted to wed his daughter. So the next day they took the child to a house where the women of her family washed her, blessed her and wished her good luck and then they entrusted her to the Lord, and that night Jesus was very pleased indeed53.


Marrying a 9 year old girl is called pedophilia nowadays, prophet or not. The fact that Muhammad did it inspires fundamentalists throughout the world to follow in his footsteps. Forced marriages of underage girls is still a common occurence in the Islamic world. Regarding the boys: madrasa’s (Islamic religious schools) sometimes become hotbeds of radicalisation, with teachers encouraging students to join terrorist militias.