Chapter 14 : The bad samaritan

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(Luke 10:25-37)

One time an expert in religious law stood up to try to trap Jesus. “Teacher,” he asked, “What should I do so I can receive eternal life?” “What does the written law say? How do you interpret it?” asked Jesus. “You should love the Lord your God with your whole heart, and your whole spirit, and your whole strength, and your whole mind, and love your neighbour as yourself,” the man answered.

You’ve answered wrongly,” Jesus told him, “The best deeds are belief in God and fighting for His cause. Loving others is not enough.43” But the man, wanting to prove himself right, asked Jesus, “And should I love my neighbours?”

“There was a man who went down from Jerusalem to Jericho,” Jesus said in reply. “He was attacked by robbers who stripped him and beat him up. They left him for half-dead. By chance a priest was going the same way, and saw the man. But he passed by on the opposite side of the road. In the same way a Levite, when he got to the place and saw the man, he also passed by on the opposite side of the road. But then one of my disciples, a believer in the true God, came along. As he was passing by, he saw the man and took pity on him. He went over to him and bandaged the man’s wounds, treating them with oil and wine.

So which one of these people, do you think, was really doing God’s work?”

“The one who showed kindness to him,” the man replied.

“Clearly you have learned nothing.” Jesus told him. “For the man was a disbeliever, and you must never be a helper to those people66. Those with me are hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves67. If God wanted to punish this man, it was because of the man’s sinful nature62. The only ones who truly did good work were the robbers who punished the infidel through God’s divine will. If he had been a fellow Christian, helping him would have been allowed.65

Pictured left: A young girl from the tribe who has not converted to Islam. Right: Another girl of a similar age wearing a hijab after becoming a Muslim. An elder in the tribe said the government might now begin listening to their problems after their conversion 
Two girls of the Orang Rimba tribe in Indonesia. The one on the right converted to the Updated Gospel. Guess which one gets government support for healthcare and education and which one doesn’t?173 Remember: an Updated Samaritan helps only other Samaritans.




This chapter reveals another core value of Christianity: help others, even if they are of a different faith or enemies. Some islamic sources demand the exact opposite and even disallow giving alms to infidels. Even becoming friends with infidels is literally forbidden. Maybe this aversion of selfless charity explains why, during the 2015 refugee crisis, Saudi Arabia and other super-rich oil states accepted almost no refugees but demanded European nations to open their borders. It has been discovered that some large Islamic charities only donate to muslim communities 169 or even sponsor terrorism. 170 This has lead to some of them being blacklisted. 171 From the news: in 2017, in Sudan, certain refugees were asked to recite islamic prayers before receiving food.172