Chapter 15 : The unaccompanied woman

Jesus flogging one of his disobedient wives (based on Noli Me Tangere by Antonio Allegri Da Correggio)

(Matthew 15:21-28)

Jesus left and went to the region of Tyre and Sidon. A Canaanite women from there came and cried out loud, “Lord, son of David, please have mercy on me.”

“It’s not right to take the children’s food and throw it to the puppies,” Jesus told her.

“Yes, Lord, but even the puppies can eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table,” she replied.

Now the apostle Matthew lost his patience and he said:

Why do you not lower your gaze in the presence of men?”131

But the woman kept begging and then Matthew started to beat her to chase her away95, for she was not behaving in a chaste way as befits a woman. Jesus was smiling and said: “Look at him, he’s truly in a holy state. But enough of this, bring the woman to me so I can judge her worthiness! Do not beat the woman as you would beat a slave girl.98

And when the woman was brought before the feet of the saviour, Jesus said:

Why do you not wear a veil to cover your body in the presence of strangers?”125,126

When Malak al-Shehri from Saudi Arabia went out without a veil, (in 2016AD!) some of her compatriots called for her execution. One response on twitter was: “”Kill her and throw her corpse to the dogs.” In a similar incident in 2017, the religious police tracked a woman down to question her. Saudi Arabia got re-elected to the UN Human Rights Council (on of the many useless and farcical UN organisations) in 2016.

The woman responded that she saw no use in this, and that it was not the tradition of her people.

Then Jesus saw the truth that was hidden in the heart of the woman, and he asked:

“Why is it that you seek my help, tell the truth woman.”

And the woman confessed that she was unhappy in her marriage, and that she wanted to leave her husband who mistreated her. And when she was asked if there were other witnesses of this abuse, she could name none.

Then Peter laughed and he said:

Then your words count as nothing, for the word of a man is worth double that of a woman and we cannot believe you over your husband.”128

Then Jesus said:

“This is true. Surely, this is why most of Hell’s inhabitants are women!135 It is your duty to obey your husband141. Now go back to him and live by his command.136 Women are too deficient in intelligence to make their own choices. 139

And the woman did as was commanded. Then Jesus commanded Matthew to clean his hands, for he had touched a woman and therefore he had become unclean.130


Much has been said about women’s rights in Islam. Some Islam-apologists like Linda Sarsour even claim that Islam and feminism are aligned. Well ladies, this is certainly true if you like being treated like property, never leaving the house without a veil and a male family member, receiving no due credit for your testimony in court, being denied higher education 174 (in Iran, women are not allowed to study certain topics like engineering, technology) and so on. As always: read the sources (see Islamic Sources) and please form your own opinion.

Shariah law officer canes a woman
The “moderate” Indonesia. Since 2016, even Christian women can be caned in public for infractions of Islamic morals.175

From the news: it took the Tunisian government until 2017 to even start considering (!) giving muslim women the right to marry non-muslims, and to inherit in the same way as muslim men do.176 The country’s government was criticised for this “progressive” behaviour by Al-Azhar, the prestigious (and fundamentalist) Islamic university in Cairo.

Image result for cleric television on beating wife
The Egyptian cleric Mazen Al-Sarsawi promoted “wife beating” on Egyptian television in 2010 (source: MEMRI).