Chapter 18 : Wash my feet

Jesus and his harem (based on: Francis Gabriel Lepaulle (French, 1804-1886) – The Pasha and his Harem)


(John 13:5-8, Luke 9:58)

After a feast the apostles stayed with Jesus in his tent for a while.
There the Lord poured water in a basin. He came to Simon Peter, who asked Jesus, “Lord, are you going to wash my feet?”

Jesus smiled and said:

“Of course not, you jester. You will be doing the washing. The son of man came to be served, not to serve. If you do not wash me, you won’t have anything to do with me,”

And Peter got on his knees at once and washed Jesus’ feet, and so he pleased his lord.

And afterwards Jesus said: “Tomorrow morning, take a slave and order him to build me a pulpit, so I can preach tomorrow evening.” And Peter arranged it, and had a beautiful pulpit made for the son of God by one of his slaves.74

Jesus then became tired so he sent the disciples away, “Foxes have their dens, and wild birds have their nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere even to lay down his head has his own luxurious tent. Now send some of my slaves to spend the night with me and leave me.” And they did as he wished.


In the original verses Jesus shows that he does not expect to be treated like a king or live in luxury, but would gladly wash the feet of his followers. Muhammad’s later life was different: he lived like a rich warlord, surrounded by many wives and with an army at his command. He was not really the ‘let-me-wash-your-feet’ kind of person.