Chapter 20 : Trading slaves

Jesus selling his sex-slave (Based on The Slave Market by Jean-Léon Gérôme)

(Matthew 20: 25-28)

When they had almost reached Jerusalem, they came upon a caravan of foreign traders. And the apostle Peter said to the strangers:

“Halt friends, and behold your Lord, the Son of man and the king of the whole world.”

But when they were asked to kneel before their Saviour, and pay their poll tax8 as all infidels should, they refused and spat on the ground.

In their insolence they showed insulting pictures of Jesus that they had made155. On seeing this the disciples drew their swords and pierced the infidels, and in doing so they avenged the honour of the Lord.50

Islamists Followers of the updated gospel murdered the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo in response to their constant mockery of Muhammad Jesus

And some of the infidels surrendered and begged for mercy, and the disciples asked what to do. And Jesus called his soldiers to him and spoke:

“You know that the rulers of the Gentiles dominate their people and those in power tyrannize them. It won’t be like that for you. For you are the faithful, and only good will come your way. As for the infidels, if they oppose our will, they will be made slaves99,100: even the greatest and the first among them will be our servant. As I said before: I did not come to serve, but to be served. After all, if God above decides that it is someone’s faith to be a servant, who are we to ignore his will?”61

And so they were made slaves to serve the faithful. The disciples selected the strongest men and women among them, so they could breed even better slaves79. And because by then night had fallen, Jesus ordered his disciples to find a place to rest. Soon they found an inn where bedding and food could be bought, but only the best rooms were still available.

And Jesus said: “This is fitting, for only the best rooms are worthy to receive the Son of God.”

But the innkeeper said the rooms would cost 10 talents of silver. Because Jesus did not want to part with the silver, he said:

“Surely, there are other ways to pay you?

And the innkeeper agreed to be paid with a slave, but that price was too steep, so Jesus said:

I will give you one of our black slaves, as they are only worth half the price of a normal slave.”90

And then they agreed. When the Son of Man had finished eating, he retired to his room with the disciples, and they made plans for the coming days to outwit the enemies of God, and conquer Jerusalem. By morning all arrangements were made.

Sex slaves brought to market in the Updated Christian State of Iraq and the Levant (2016). Following the example of Jesus, of course…




In this chapter of the Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples that he will not tyrannize other people. Mohammed on the other hand was a slave owner and slave trader. Apparently he thought the worth of black slaves was less than the worth of white slaves.

In muslim majority countries like Saudi Arabia some (often Asian) housemaids and unskilled workers are still treated as quasi-slaves by their petro-dollar bosses. True slavery still exists (anno 2017) in North Africa (The Islamic Republic of Mauritania). Based on the behaviour of the “Noble Example” Muhammad, the capturing of (sex-) slaves can hardly be prohibited, which partly explains the actions of the terror groups ISIS, Boko Haram et al.

The part about the breeding of slaves is straight from the Quran. Please check it out for yourself. I’ll repeat it, because it’s important that this sinks in: the Quran, the holy and unchangeable word of Allah, contains tips on how to breed your slaves.