Chapter 25: Punish your enemies

Updated Jesus torturing his prisoner (from: Triptic of the martyrdom of St Hippolyte, Hugo van der Goes)


(Matthew 26:51-54)

And in this way the followers of Jesus were victorious over their enemies. Some of the disbelievers were caught and brought to him (the Son of God). He commanded about them, and their hands and feet were cut off and their eyes were gouged and then they were thrown in the sun, until they died.47 And since then, the mount of olives is named the mountain of the dead infidels.

If there would be a world championship for gruesome executions, followers of the Updated Gospel would easily win (from: ISIS execution of alleged spies, 2015). People who joined this terror group and returned to Sweden were not incarcerated for life, but “given help” to reintegrate in society.

But while the soldiers of Christ were browsing the bodies to look for arms and valuablesC, Peter came to Jesus and said:

“Oh Lord, praise be upon you, we have a great victory here today. But tomorrow the High Priest will know of it, and surely he will come with the Roman soldiers and they will try to kill us all. We must flee, or I fear for your life.”

But Jesus smiled and said: “Have faith in me, my most faitfhul disciple. Wars are not won through strength alone. We will proceed with caution and deceit.

And he called all his closest followers to him and told them about his secret plans.20


By now we know Muhammad as a warlord who was prepared to lie and deceive to attain his goal, so I made Jesus behave in this way to make the story more “compatible”. Just victory in battle was not enough: reliable Hadiths describe that Muhammad ordered the gruesome torture and execution of his conquered enemies. Islamic terrorists use these texts to explain their extreme human rights violations: the terror militia “Islamic State” used to slowly decapitate prisoners with knives or burn them alive.